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Straight to the point: The evolution of an icon, whose heritage and essential qualities are immediately apparent.


The profile of the new Golf packs real power. With a lower roofline than its predecessor, we’ve given the car a sporty , more elegant line – not to mention better aerodynamics. Thanks to this design, the new Golf is the most efficient car in its class, no matter which engine you choose.


The Golf has never blindly followed the Zeitgeist; it has shaped it. That’s why the distinctive C-pillars have become something of a trademark for the new Golf: strong and proud, never pretentious or phony. Just honest to goodness Golf.


The Golf’s well-balanced proportions are an unmistakable aspect of its character. By moving the front wheels forward, shortening the overhangs and making the character lines more precise, the new Golf is more dynamic than ever.


The new Golf is a car built for the real world, designed to navigate the daily grind. In this respect, not much has changed…

caring. No other model in the compact class has such an array of driver assistance and safety systems as the Golf. After all, if you can’t rely on your car, who can you rely on?

consistent. We’ve moved the Golf’s “tornado line ” styling below the door handles, making the Golf look more dynamic, but in no place does it hide its heritage.


Determination is a virtue that belongs to the Golf as much as the Volkswagen logo does. Every decision – be it technological or design-related – has to make sense and be sustainable.

emotional. New engines, new steering, new gearbox and unsurpassed quality in workmanship and materials. You’re guaranteed to enjoy the ride.

confident. Athletic, precise: the modern headlight housing with its daytime running lights fits seamlessly into the contours of the Golf’s new face.

innovative. The design engineers at Volkswagen reworked every single component in the Golf VII. And just like the optional bi-xenon headlights, with their delicate design, it’s never about an impression. It’s the actual effect that counts.


Impressive technology, state-of-the-art design and intuitive functionality in perfect harmony. The interior offers extra comfort and casual elegance.

spacious. The new Golf is 56 millimetres (2 1/5 inches) longer than its predecessor. More legroom for drivers and passengers alike, especially in the back seat.

intuitive. Scroll through your music library on the touchscreen – just one example of our simple, user-friendly infotainment features that need no explanation.

flawless. An interior made for comfort, full of ingenuous features. It sets the standard for quality in workmanship and materials.


The public has had high expectations for the new Golf. Unruffled by the pressure, our design engineers put their nose to the grindstone and made it happen.


Thanks to our use of brand new materials and innovative manufacturing techniques, the new Golf has shed almost 15 stone compared to the Golf 6. For this reason alone, the new Golf has set new standards in fuel consumption and emissions.


In the new Golf, our BlueMotion technology with a start-stop system and brake energy recovery mode will come as standard in future. For us, conservation is not an option.


Make it even more perfect. Revamp the car that is already a benchmark for automotive progress. You can imagine how the briefing must have sounded when they started redesigning the Golf. For the most recent – the seventh generation – of this classic, they apparently added a bonus challenge: outshine them all. Never before has Volkswagen made the Golf so different from its predecessors; never before has the top performer in the compact class been this innovative. At first glance, the Golf VII is unquestionably a Golf. Its new design features don’t show off, although they do stand out. We’ve given the C-pillars more distinct and sharper profile, which is mirrored in everything from the fuel cap to the door handles. It gives the illusion of speed and dynamic movement, even at a standstill. It’s not until the second glance that you realize why. The Golf’s distinctive character line is lower than that of its predecessor and encompasses the entire vehicle. We have also made the new Golf a bit lower, a bit wider and a bit longer. Still the same classic design, just reinvented.

Where the innovation packs real power, however, is not apparent on the surface. With the Golf VII, Volkswagen’s engineers have made huge headway on three different fronts that are crucial for automotive R&D. First, the new Golf is the first Volkswagen built on the Modular Transverse Matrix platform, known in-house as the MQB platform – which has inspired a whole range of innovations. As if that weren’t enough of a challenge, our engineers completely revamped the engines and the gearbox. The new power trains are significantly more efficient (reducing fuel consumption by up to 23%, with an average reduction of 14%), without depriving Golf drivers of the dynamics and driving pleasure they have come to love. And last, but not least – our third triumph – the new Golf is a great deal lighter than its predecessor. This is a brilliant feat, especially when you consider how many extras we’ve managed to smuggle on board. Our engineers not only redesigned the power train, they also reworked the entire body for optimum weight loss, saving up to 100 kilograms, or 220 pounds (depending on the engine and the options). And since a lighter car needs less energy to accelerate, the new Golf offers fuel consumption and CO2 emissions that other compact cars can only dream of. When the new Golf takes a pioneering approach like this, it is building on a rich history of innovation. Every new generation of Golf has nudged everyone – including the competition – towards the future. With this new Golf, we are not only moving towards the future, we’re investing in the future. BlueMotion Technology comes as a standard feature, an extraordinary package of driver assistance and safety systems, even better quality in workmanship and materials – at every point, in every category Volkswagen is investing in the future.


TRENDLINE The Golf cuts a fine figure with its extensive range of standard features – any way you look at it. Every new Golf comes with, among other things, a 5-inch TFT display with touchscreen in the centre console, a misfuel cap, electronic parking brakes with auto-hold, ESC (electronic stability control) with comfort brake assistant, ABS, EDS, ASR, multicollision brakes, a tire pressure monitoring system, a variable cargo floor and XDS (electronic differential lock).

HIGHLINE These top-of-the-line specs impress with an elegant sportiness. Highline offers, among other features, sport seats up front, ambient lighting, a leather multifunction steering wheel, fog lights with static cornering function and Xenon headlights.

COMFORTLINE Elegant details, loads of amenities, confident appearance. Among other features, Comfortline offers comfort seats up front, a “Plus” multifunction display, the “Composition Touch” radio, underseat drawers and light alloy wheels.